These colour tubes are used to alter the colour of all polyester glues and mastic.

Tenax Universal colour are designed to work with all adhesives.They contain concentrated pigments pre-mixed, a small amount added to adhesive will change the appearance of the glue.

They come with a wide range of colour choice, larger bottles for longer use and re-sealable tops making them an essential product to have in stock.

10 Universal Colour Kit contains: Black, Blue, Brown, Buff, Green, Grey, Red, Red Brown, White, Yellow


  • Use with Polyester , Epoxy, Acrylic glues and mastics
  • Wide colour choice
  • Re-sealable tops
  • Drop nozzle for precise application
  • Easy squeeze bottles

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Pack Size 75ml
Technical Spec Must be mixed to the adhesive before applying the hardener Consistency: Paste
Suggested maximum ratio is 3% to keep adhesive properties
Shelf life: 12 months (18-25°C)
Use: Indoor & Outdoor
Safety Please read the safety and data sheet before using this product. Store in original sealed container. Temperature between 15°C and 25°C. Sheltered from direct sunlight. Keep far from heat and free flames.