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Bioshield is the main distributor of STAIN-PROOF® by DRYTREAT products.


Bioshield is the main distributor of STAIN-PROOF® by DRYTREAT products and some cleaning agents under its own label for the Netherlands, France, Germany, and Poland.

STAIN-PROOF® develops globally leading impregnating sealers and enhancers for natural stone, bricks, pavers, tiles, lime plaster, engineered concrete, grout, and specialty surface and deep cleaners. STAIN-PROOF® by DRYTREAT is a part of the ICP Building Solutions Group.

Stain-proof® - bioshield

400 times smaller molecules

The specially penetrating sealer molecules are hundreds of times smaller than those used by other well-known impregnation brands.

Deeper penetration

Our sealer molecules penetrate much deeper into the pore structure, even in dense natural stone such as granite or quartzite. Therefore, it is not a coating or surface sealer, but truly penetrates deep into the material.

Repellent barrier

The exceptional sealer molecules bond permanently to the material through a permanent chemical bonding process. This creates, among other things, a substantial deep oil and water repellent barrier and stain protection.



STAIN-PROOF® products come with non-declining warranty periods of 10 to 15 years when applied by a certified/accredited applicator.

STAIN-PROOF® protection

The deeper STAIN-PROOF® barrier provides not only excellent surface stain protection, but also protection against more severe, common forms of damage caused by water penetration, including efflorescence, salt spalling, freeze-thaw damage, and UV-induced fading. This is where STAIN-PROOF® sets itself apart from other impregnating sealers and coatings.

The choice for the right treatment is always based on durability, preservation of the natural appearance, biodegradability, cost-effectiveness, and ultimately easy cleaning of the materials, thereby saving time and maintenance costs.


Bioshield provides training and certifies new applicators who want to work with Stainproof or Acidproof products, among others.

We teach you how to thoroughly clean, protect, enhance, and maintain stone-based materials and surfaces using leading products from STAINPROOF™ and Acidproof. We will also provide you with more advanced technical training as you gain more experience.

Stain-proof® - bioshield

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