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Bioshield specializes in the cleaning and impregnation of all stony materials, interior, exterior, underwater and overwater. To this end, we work with products based on the latest nano technology.

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On all our treatments with the nano sealers we give a minimum, non-decreasing, warranty of 10 - 15 years. This means no annual build-up of product and therefore no chemical strip necessary every 3 years. After 10 years a deep cleaning and a new one-time treatment is sufficient and your materials are well protected for another 10-15 years.

Cost saving

After a one-time investment in the treatment, you will not need to have new treatments performed for 10 to 15 years. Maintenance becomes easier, saving you a huge amount of money on both product and time.


Impregnating agents to make stony materials water and dirt repellent, with active particles 400x smaller than other manufacturers use.

The best protection for stony materials

With our nano sealers we are able to apply so-called nano grids with a single treatment. These nano grids are invisible to the human eye. The active particles in our products are based on oxy-silanes which are 400x smaller than the most commonly used siloxanes.

Simply put, we use these techniques to shrink the pores of materials. A water molecule simply can no longer pass through them and remains on top. This also applies to other contaminants including oils, fats and dyes. For this we have ISO class 5 certification and the products are FDA (American Food and Drug Administration) approved.



With a minimal investment, you will significantly extend the life of the treated materials in and around your home, keep them cleaner, retain their original appearance, and avoid the need for new treatments every year.

Cost saving

The materials treated by us become maintenance friendly, easy to clean and will save you immediate costs. Through a one-time treatment with one of our nano sealers, you get a guarantee of 10 to 15 years of active life.


We have years of knowledge of the highest quality technical products through our experience of use on countless projects. We have the best solution for every situation and application. With our team, we treat approximately 20,000m2 of stony materials every year.


We advise and carry out assignments for both business and private clients at home and abroad. We also develop new products ourselves - and in cooperation with manufacturers - and we are a dedicated partner of STAIN-PROOF®. In this capacity we provide training to application partners throughout Europe.

All our products comply with EU regulations and the most stringent requirements of REACH (registration , authorization and restriction of chemicals) and are food safe.

In addition, the products are user-friendly, with low VOC ( volatile organic compounds) values, compared to other more traditional products. The nano sealers are human and animal friendly.

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