PH Neutral Cleaner – Powerful concentrate 5L

 89,95 incl. 21% btw

PH-neutral cleaner

Contents 5 liters or 10 liters

Strong liquid concentrate

Applicable: indoors, outdoors, all stony surfaces*.

For daily/weekly cleaning


*All stony substrates: concrete, joints, natural stone, marble, composite, porcelain and other manufactured stone.


The PH neutral Cleaner is an effective, safe all-purpose cleaner for common contaminants on all wet cleanable surfaces such as stony, concrete, glass, etc. This PH neutral cleaner all-purpose cleaner is slightly foaming, non-corrosive, safe and effective (easy) to use because it is ph-neutral and general purpose. The possibility exists to dilute the product. Also, it gives immediate visible results and can be used weekly.

Special advantages:

  • Lightly foaming and applicable to all wet-cleaning surfaces.
  • Hard (calcareous) water presents no problem.
  • Non corrosive.
  • Possibility to dilute even more
  • Safe and effective in use
  • PH-neutral
  • General purpose
  • Easy to use
  • Result immediately visible
  • Instructions for use
  • Always wear gloves and safety glasses for safety
  • Apply the all-purpose cleaner with a hand sprayer, pressure sprayer, back sprayer or plant sprayer
  • Brush with a hand brush or sponge after 15 minutes
  • If large surfaces, it can also be brushed in with a scrubbing brush, scrubber (shampooing brush or hard cleaning file) or mop
  • After brushing, soak for another 15 minutes, then rinse surface with water



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