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Polyester liquid resins have a consistency like treacle and flow well into holes and pits in the stone helping to produce a strong bond. Colour pigment can be added to change the colour of the resin. The resins are then mixed with a small amount of hardener (included) which acts as a catalyst to set them solid. Once set, the resin can be sanded and polished. The glues shown here are suitable for a wide variety of jobs including gluing and filling stone.


High strength
Can be sanded and polished
Can be coloured with colour pigment
Suited to granite
(With) Hardener

Colour Transparent
Size 1000ml
What’s Included x1 1000ml
Technical Specs Gelling Time at 25C: 6-8 mins
Mix Ratio: 2% to 3% hardener
Consistency: Fluid
Shelf Life: 6 months
Instructions For the best result make sure the surfaces being glued are clean and dry. Mix 2% to 3% of the catalyst with the adhesive and use. The catalyst rate can be influenced by the temperature. An excess of hardener/catalyst will increase the hardening speed, but weakens the adhesive seal.