TENAX AGER Colour – Enhancing sealer

Ager is a colour enhancer and sealer by Tenax for both polished and unpolished natural stone, marble, travertine, granite and agglomerates. It is the classic product for restoring unpolished stone which has been sand blasted, tumbled or acid treated and it leaves a permanent wet look. It is also used on polished granite slabs to enhance the colour on the edges or face of the slab. It is ideal for helping cover up imperfections on the polished edges such as those lines that can be left by CNC tools that have become worn. In addition, Ager is a strong sealer and is water and oil repellent and allows the stone to breathe naturally. It is a transparent liquid that contains no pigment or dyes and so is ideal to apply to marble, granite and stone of all types. Ager does not yellow in the sun and also has anti graffiti properties which make it suitable for indoor and outdoor use. This is an excellent product and we recommend it thoroughly.


  • Colour enhancer and sealer
  • Suitable for all natural stone and agglomerates
  • UV resistant and does not yellow in the sun
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Covers imperfections
  • Long lasting

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Size 1000ml
Technical Specs Brand: Tenax
Coverage: 20-30 m2/l
Drying Time: about 60 mins
Repellent Effect: 24 hours
Storage: 18-25 °C
Shelf Life: 2 years
Instructions Test the product on an inconspicuous area first. Spread Tenax Ager evenly with a cloth or a sponge until the surface no longer absorbs product. Immediately buff with a clean cloth. Any excess must immediately be removed after the application. Drying time is 60 minutes, but on floor applications, please wait 24 hours before walking on the surface. The surface is water repellent in 24 hours.